Sir Raynor (Maxwell)

The unshackled Ironforged


PLAYER: Maxwell

NAME: Sir Raynor
RACE: Ironforged
CLASS: Fighter
BACKGROUND: Officer (custom background)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
DEITY: unknown

AGE: ?
HAIR: none
EYES: White
SKIN: Armor Plating
ATTIRE: Is forged of Iron plating from head to toe.
MARKS: unknown
DEMEANOR: Disciplined military.

TRAITS: I serve with loyalty to all who earn my trust, yet I refuse to compromise at times.
IDEALS: I work for the equality and ‘greater good’ of all people, and face with might those who endanger that right.
BONDS: With honor and loyalty, I will fight for my brothers and sisters, especially for those who are weaker than I.
FLAWS: I cannot speak. I am also prideful of myself and my abilities, and distrustful to those whom I an not immediately loyal.


Sir Raynor (Maxwell)

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