Netharwen was once the site of many ancient forested ruins and daemonic ritual sites, from a much darker era in Chaotica’s past. Legends tell of a great meteor which plummeted into the ancient continent of Aerlon. While much of this continent was destroyed, sunken into the depths of the planet, some of its land survived in the form of the mysterious Mephisto Isles. While the descending of the Luminar Gods, many of the worshipers of the old gods retreated from the lands of Avon, either descending into the planet, crossing into another void, or having fled to the isles. Some, however, had remained, and after their demise, the lingering energetic properties of their once potent ritual sites would eventually attract the interest of the inquisitive elves.

While a place of haunted terrain and magical beings, this location proved to be a satisfactory, wayward settlement for their empire in Mythlanthyr as a research colony. However, in the Blazened Age, when the empire had vanished all at once, along with many of the elven population, their wayward settlement had been left to remain, still populated with elvenkind who had in generations mingled with humankind, and had indoctrinated some of the lore of the old gods in search for an enduring identity away from their long lost empire.

This acknowledgement of “meteoric lore” had created a large gap of distrust with many of the humans in the mid Earthen Age, when the Grand Lightbearing, a fundamental wave of Luminar doctrinal faith, had spread wide across the human kingdoms and providences. However, despite episodes of inquisitional outrage, distrust by the religious public, and social rejection in many orders of faith, this did not disrupt their involvement in the forming of the White Hand Covenant, a political treaty of peaceful co-existence and co-operation.

Since the overthrow of the Taer Kingdom by the Ironclad Order, in the result of the war campaign entitled ‘Black Glove’, many full-blooded elves accused of practicing “meteoric magic”, or carrying ancient magical literature, were pulled from the major cities of the former White Hand states, and placed into internment camps across the southern coast of Netharwen. Many of the elven population still lives in the forests and cities in Netherwen, but are however under careful curfew by occupying Ironclad soldiers.


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