Norhelm (Humans)


In the cold reaches of Cornerian and Faelogar, a many of the humans from the unknown continent to the far northeast had ventured by sea to Avon, derived from a separate ancestry from the ancient Darwan humans of Taeric and Sakharit descendency. These humans were known to be larger in size, and more fierce than those of the wild lands they had conquered. Throughout the late Blazened Age, and early Earthen Age, they had attempted to conquer and pillage southern lands. In modern times, they have built strong northern kingdoms, and have engaged in more frequent interaction with southern races.

Ability Score Increase. Your Str, Dex, and Con increase by 1. Choose one other trait to increase by 1.

Age. The Norhelm are trained at a young age, and reach adulthood in their early teens. They are more prone to live the duration of a century.

Alignment.. The Norhelm possess a more savage history, and will tend towards chaotic alignments. However, they do possess and respect powerful leaders of lawful alignments, regardless of Good or Evil.

Size. The Norhelm range from the higher of 5 feet to almost 7 feet tall. Regardless of your position in that range, your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Menacing: You have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Norhelm,
and one extra language of your choice.

Ethnicities of THE NORHELM

The most hearty and tallest of the Norhelm, the people most typical of the title Norhelm have mastered the terrain of the lands of Faelogarr. Fair haired and light eyed, the Fael are a people who value strength and ferocity, and the stories and endeavors of the great warrior-poets of their past have manifested codes of honor among their states. While recognition for the Luminar Gods is apparent, they draw their heritage to Elder God worship.

The most resembling of Taeric humans, these Norhelm range from fair haired to dark haired, yet their eyes are almost always a lighter hue. The shortest by Norhelm standards, these people have established secure kingdoms along the southern coast of the Dragonmaw, allowing themselves to engage in diplomacy and trade with the other human races. Once the staging point of many invasions into the southern lands, it is now a place and people with a strong naval tradition. Luminar God worship is embraced more openly among these people.

Nomadic tribes to the west of Faelogarr wander the pine forests, tundras, mountains, and icecaps of northern Cornerion. Having ample exposure to the frigid climate, their skin is of the fairest of all the Norhelm, their hair either white, blonde, or dyed with the blood of beasts. They prefer to pass their history by way of oral tradition, making their true history rather hard to determine. They almost exclusively honor the Elder Gods.

Norhelm (Humans)

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