Sakhari Dominion

The great Sakhari Dominion is one of the more mystical of the human kingdoms, located south of those nation bound to the White Hand Covenant. Settled in the late Aquatic Age, this land used to be a flourishing jungle before the great quakes that shifted the mountain range to the east an dried much of the terrain. Some oasis-like wetlands exist to the northern ends, but the rest remain as a desert, its many civilizations lost to the sands of time.

The Sakharit people are its natives, and are a people of pride and endurance. Their culture and history is rich with stories of warrior heroics, phantasmal beings, parables of wisdom, and ancient magic. Of all of the human races, the Sakharit are the most mystic, and the most honorable. Much of the Sakharit are of neutral alignment, and preserve the rights of citizens to worship the Elder Deities as much as the Luminar.

Their government is an artisocratic and plutonic republic which adheres to a long tradition of tribal diplomacy. Each Mir (tribal leader) is a member of a royal family, and holds representation as part of the Grand Emiric Council, which meets every quarter year in Riyhadad.

While the Taeric humans to the north have been frequent enemies, especially those of the Aeron Monarchy, a treaty with the Ironclad Order had made it possible for their borders to remain uncompromised, and allowed for the conquering of the Zaureon providence of the Westerlands. Currently, in order to keep the peace with their industrial militaristic neighbors, their senate has agreed to offer funding to their empire in exchange of limited steam and war technologies. However, the trade of black powder is still highly scarce, making the trade of weapons very rare.

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Sakhari Dominion

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