Magister Balshone

[NPC] Overseer of Nil Crag


“I’ve done everything I can to keep the powers that be at bay, and I don’t want these trouble-makers roaming around in my back yard. This is my crag! Nobody chooses who gets to step foot in my crag but me! Understood?”

NAME: Magister Viereck Balshone
RACE: Taeric Human (Suderin)
CLASS: unknown
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
DEITY: unknown

AGE: 50’s
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown
SKIN: Amber
ATTIRE: Dark brown and grey tunic with long sleeves, black suit-vest. Black slacks.
MARKS: Scar below his eye.
DEMEANOR: Smokes a menkasto pipe. Is well travelled.

TRAITS: unknown
IDEALS: unknown
BONDS: Serves as magister for Nil Crag. While technically allied with Taer Kingdoms current political sovereignty, the Ironclad Order, he has absolutely no like for them, or their bullying ways.
FLAWS: unknown


Nil Crag is managed and overseen by this mysterious magistrate. Very little about this man is known about by the party, and despite his employing of the various members of the party, not one of them have seen him face to face until the events of the 8th of Deepwood, when a kobold pillaging party riding in the back of a hijacked cargo wagon was thwarted by the party. His first discussion with the party had made apparent his almost uncompromising demeanor, and from insight, the party had gathered that he is someone who is no mere small-town politician, but is a traveler of the continent. What other knowledge of this man can only be guessed, but one thing is clear: there must be some motivation to his interest in those he dubs as “adventurers”, rather than ones typical militia.

Magister Balshone

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